There is a lot of growth with the Bumble app that people have to pay attention to. It is a company that has grown so much in recent years that it is impossible to overlook this dating app environment.

It has become such a big part of the world of dating that other competitive apps have tried to file lawsuits against this company. Tinder is one such company that is going after Bumble. This lawsuit should not surprise anyone because Whitney Wolfe worked at Tinder before, and she has stated that she was one of the co-founders and co-creators of this app. The tension between Tinder and Bumble has grown over the years because Whitney Wolfe left the company and sued. She won her lawsuit and the amount of money she received was an undisclosed amount.

She has continued to thrive on her own as a very successful business woman, but the rivalry between Bumble and Tinder appears to be something that is not going away.

Whitney Wolfe is brushing off this lawsuit as another bullying tactic that comes forth as she rises to the top. Forbes has already declared her app to be a billion-dollar app, and this type of spotlight makes her an instant Target for those that feel threatened by her presence.

It is easy for users of dating apps to see how Tinder may feel threatened. For several years it has been the top dating app, but Whitney Wolfe came into the picture and shook up the game. She created a dating app where women would make the first move. She expanded this app to also bring friends into the picture as well with Bumble BFF. She even expanded a portion of Bumble by creating what she called Bumble Bizz. All of these things have allowed Bumble to grow in a very expedient rate. No one may have ever guessed that Wolfe would climb in the way that she has, but her company has evolved in such a way that it becomes difficult for people to overlooked her presence as more than a dating app developer. She is an all-around renaissance business woman that knows what she wants, and she knows how to create opportunities for other women as well. All of these things have allowed her to grow as an entrepreneur so is not feeling worried about legal actions from the parent company of Tinder.

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