Women around Dallas, Texas, considering Brazilian butt surgery should know whether they make for a good candidate for this surgery or not. This surgery can result in sexy and firm buttock through the removal of unwanted tissue, skin, and fat. This surgery shouldn’t be considered lightly because it is a serious procedure. Before a woman seriously considers this surgery they should first work to improve their buttock appearance through diet and exercise. If that isn’t enough then getting Brazilian butt surgery can be a consideration.

Any patient for this surgery needs to be in good general health as that is a requirement for proper recovery. They should also refrain from smoking at all and only drink alcohol lightly during their recovery as both of these substances can slow recovery times. Women should be also psychologically healthy and now what they can realistically expect from having Brazilian butt surgery performed on them.

Brazilian butt surgery is best for those women who want to add some volume to this part of their body. If they are primarily looking to reduce the size of their buttock a regular butt lift might be more appropriate. Excess fat deposits occurring in other parts of the body is also something desirable as the surgeon will liposuction that fat in order to place it in the patient’s buttock.

There are a number of places to go around Dallas for this procedure. A few doctors perform this surgery at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, for example. Some of these doctors are Sameer Jejurikar, Ricardo Meade, and Bradley Hubbard. At Farris Plastic surgery Zachary Farris, MD, FACS, is skilled in this procedure. In the suburbs of Dallas there are two locations of North Texas Plastic Surgery, PA. These are in Plano and Southlake and the plastic surgeon is Dr. Sacha Obaid.


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