Waiakea Water Is The Best Tasting Water To Quench Your Thirst


The leading company in the water industry is Waiakea Water. They are a company that is socially responsible. Bottled water is consumed each year by more people who prefer it compared to tap water. Not every water that comes in a bottle is pure and may come from a source that is not trustworthy. For example, alkaline water may be coming straight from the tap that has been purified through reverse osmosis.


When choosing a brand of bottled water, research the company to make sure the water comes from the source listed on the label. When looking for a company that stands behind its brand, check out Waiakea Water. They stand behind the product they market to the public. Waiakea Water is the best brand of bottled water anyone can consume. Purchasing and consuming Waiakea water will set your mind at ease and no other bottled water company can match the quality they produce.


Waiakea’s water is alkaline which is a great, because your body’s pH level is important. If the body is acidic due to the foods you eat and drink, this can attribute to health problems. It is important to maintain tissue and cellular health. The pH scale is 0 to 14. When the body is acidic, the pH level is on the lower side and when the body is alkaline, it is on the higher side of the pH scale. If the pH scale is 7, this is considered to be neutral and your body needs a 7.4 pH level to help you stay healthy.


Waiakea water is a successful company founded in 2012, by Ryan Emmons, Chief Executive Officer. While in Hawaii at the foot of the volcano, Ryan Emmons tasted the water and decided that this water was the best water he ever tasted. The company is immersed in many worldwide efforts to give great tasting, good quality drinking water to some parts of the world, that are desperately in need of excellent drinking water. Much of Waiakea water is donated to those in need.



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