The Chainsmokers are a duo group that consists of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. They create electronic pop music and dance music. They started to really take off when they started playing in shows and their hit single “Selfie” came out in 2014. It was in the top twenty singles in over 20 different countries for months. Then they released “Roses” in 2015, and it hit the top ten on the charts. Their song “Don’t let me down” was in the top 5 on the chart and won them their first Grammy. Then their hit song “Closer” was their first single to make it to number one of the charts and it stayed there for weeks. Then in 2017, they released their album Memories…Do Not Open and their song “Paris” went gold in Canada. In January of 2018, they released their new single “Sick Boy” in which their new music is completely different from their past hits. The Chainsmokers have decided to try something totally new. They were hoping to take on some of the recent problems that are going on across the world and through social media. They are also hoping to create a wider crowd through there new stuff.

If you’ve ever wondered about the process the chainsmokers go through to create their hits then you’re in luck! Recently The Chainsmokers created a short video tutorial of themselves creating their new song “Somebody.” The video is fun and Alex and Andrew take you through the process on how they create their hits. The fans loved the video they posted on facebook, so Alex and Andrew promised to continue creating tutorial videos on how the process comes about. The video was fun and entertaining along with informative and creative. Fans can’t wait to see what’s next!

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