Robert Deignan is the co founder and chief executive officer of a digital support company called ATS Digital Solutions. This company helps a number of people all over the world address any technological concerns. These include issues with connectivity, and troubleshooting. ATS Digital Solutions also provides assistance to consumers on remote basis as well. Robert attended Purdue University on football scholarship. While attending Purdue University, Deignan completed a degree in organizational leadership. After finishing college, Robert played in the National Football League for two seasons with the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. Today, he continues to run his company as well as participate in fishing tournaments.

When Robert Deignan began his career, he worked for a company in the technology industry. While he was working at this company, he developed his idea for a business. This business idea was finding a solution to help eliminate computer malware. When he worked for an Anti Malware Software company, there were a lot of issues in regard to getting software installed on a computer. Since he and the company had difficulty eliminating the malware, Deignan came up with the idea to develop an anti malware program that can be installed digitally and remotely.

Robert Diegnan has recently provided three tips on how to have a more healthy relationship with your technology. One of the ways in which you can have a better relationship with your technology is to avoid using multiple screens as they distract you from getting tasks done. Another way to have a healthier relationship with technology is to minimize the way it makes you think. With a number of distractions such as notifications, updates and text messages, a person can lose their focus. Therefore, it is better to limit the use of technology on a daily basis. Technology can also be quite addictive for many users. With a number of applications that you can use, there are times when you can spend many hours using a technological device. In order to avoid forming an addiction to technology, you will want to focus on doing other activities during the day.


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