Talk Fusion is ever launching new products despite the great innovative products it already has on its shelves. One of the latest is a Dash Board which has been created for Talk Fusion’s Video Suite. It is one among many products the company is set to launch in the few coming months. The new Dashboard has a new outlook that is meant to improve the user experience. Speaking through an online broadcast, CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion Bob Reina said that the dash Board was what the company was waiting before it could announce other improvements on its systems.


Talk Fusion is known for its video communication services. However, the company has constantly been launching new products with the latest and sophisticated technology in the market. That is one thing that has given the company a competitive advantage in the communication industry. Most of its products are designed to make business operations as simple as possible. For instance, through its Video Conferencing app, users can make presentations and conduct meetings from anywhere. To make matters worse, Talk Fusion offers its products at very affordable prices hence suffocating most of its competitors. Learn more:


For Bob Reina, Talk has only one competitor, and that is Talk Fusion.

Together with his team, Reina is constantly working to improve their products and launch new ones. He says that the company cannot afford to remain in one place and therefore they are always on the lookout for areas of improvement. His aim is to ensure that his customers get the best services. In the latest move, he has integrated all devices with WebRTC technology which makes communication seamless. The other purpose of the Dash Board is to raise the stakes of the company in the technology industry and assure clients that there is more to come.


According to Bob Reina, Talk Fusion is leading the way in changing how people relate with one another. He says that with such a great team behind him, the company is going to revolutionize the communication industry. Ryan Page, Talk Fusion’s Chief Technical Officer said that the company is burning the midnight oil to ensure that all is set for the launch of new products in the next few weeks.


Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina. The company has dedicated its efforts in the provision of Video Emailing services among other products. Reina and his team aim at becoming leaders in the communication industry being able to offer customers with the latest technology in communication.

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