The popular LimeCrime brand gives their wearers the opportunity to be creative with the colors they use for their daily makeup routine. Most women want a brand that will make them feel confident about wearing makeup and the colors they choose. The colors they use to highlight their features should make them feel good. Doe Deere, confident female entrepreneur and successful cosmetic designer, says, she beings magic to each LimeCrime brand with the secret of elusive colors that are hard for competitive brands to compete with by far. Deere, has long since, understood the value of her brand and it quickly became a success among unique identity seekers, professional makeup artist, models, and entertainers. Spending countless hours in front of the camera and prolonged lighting can be detrimental on basic cosmetics.


Doe Deere; Creative Color Inspiration


Technically, Doe Deere, hasn’t always been able to solely brand cosmetics because her start came with designing clothes. Of course, intricate colors were always on her mind, but bold colors would eventually, manifest themselves. Designing clothes quickly led to the need for makeup because while branding her clothing she yearned for an anime color palette, but she was never satisfied with the colors, and would later, brand her own popular cosmetic brand to a nationwide audience.


Brief Doe Deere Bio:


Doe Deere, a native Russian, spent her young adult years, in New York City. She began to explore the option of branding her own product with tattoos in Russia, but a popular design school in New York would help her receive her certificate in design. However, before finishing school, she would play a small part in a band. She would later sit down with Glamour magazine online with a youthful, but professional demeanor to say, after marrying a soloist of a separate rock band, it was the creativity, positivity, and inspiration, she needed to launch her superior LimeCrime cosmetics. Doe Deere currently has an office in Los Angeles.


She was willing to take risks with her cosmetics by being one of the first to use the popular matte formula. Her line of eye-shadow and lipsticks products come in a complete vegan formula. Her water-proof formula offers a complete touch-free. Enjoy amazing shades and hues; packaged to be absolutely appealing to their millions of users nationwide. In fact, Deere, guarantees her wearers; trendy names like Red Velvet with a nearly all day hold.


Recent Doe Deere Business News


Deere has been able to manage an international e-commerce business to stop the threat of black-market matte cosmetics. She was able to create a successful partnership with the Chinese cosmetic industry. Doe Deere, along with her Global Marketing manager, were able to negotiate a business deal worth millions. They have been able to ensure their customers receive authentic super-foil cosmetics without the threat of jeopardizing their skin with unhealthy cosmetics. Deere offers her exclusive cosmetics through her LimeCrime website, but you can also find her products at select department store retailers.

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