Imagine yourself having a busy schedule and limited time to go through your emails and replying to them and also sending some. With the need to be quick you encounter junk mails and you cannot trace important emails. 24-year-old young Jojo Hedaya faced a similar problem a while back which led to the birth of the program Unroll.Me. It was set to eradicate the enormous problem brought about by junk emails. Jojo Hedaya, one of the co-founders and CEO of Unroll.Me encountered this problem while trying to reach to his partner Josh who wasn’t getting his emails due to numerous junk mails. Jojo Hedaya and Josh then came up with this amazing program “Unroll.Me” which with just a few seconds scans one’s email inbox and later gathers the subscriptions and joins them into just a single email that is termed as The Rollup.

If the user notices just a single mail that steers unpleasant feelings, they can opt to unsubscribe. The most amazing thing is that the user has the choice of choosing the exact time that The Rollup will appear in their inbox. The main objective of creating an amazing program was to help the email users unsubscribe to unwanted subscriptions. Jojo Hedaya launched the program two years ago with the aim of letting out the idea of eliminating junk mails. The idea strived and has been the most unique so far despite facing a few difficulties. The simplicity of the program was key. This has attracted numerous users encouraging people to utilize available resources and to partake new skills.

Jojo Hedaya is the chief operating officer and co-founder of Unroll.Me Jojo Hedaya’s passion for being simple is what has kept his organization on feet up to this moment. Due to various difficulties in emailing he is set to streamline this field.He was born on 30th December 1989. Jojo Hedaya grew up in New York. He attended a Jewish high school and later joined Boston college where he became Vice President but later went to Israel for further studies where he met his partner Josh and they worked together to develop the program Unroll.Me.

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