George Soros is an epitome of humanity. The 58-year-old man was born in Hungary. Having grown in a destructive environment caused by territorial wars, he experienced intolerance. It was one of the most devastating periods in history. The Nazi Regime saw to it that over 1,000 people lost their lives in the hands of the rulers. Soros’ father worked tirelessly to protect his family. Being compassionate, he extended the same care to their neighbors by hiding their identity according to the presented documents. Soros and his family survived.


The Nazi Regime came to an end when colonialists took over. Soros flee Hungary to attend London School of Economics. He was attracted to one book by Karl Popper. The book passed a strong message on the significance of open societies to humanity. Addressing the fundamentals of living in honesty and acceptance, Soros was inspired to achieve the best for humanity. When he completed studies, he relocated to America and delved into investment and finance and movie produced by George Soros.

Open Society Foundations

Soros formed the Open Society Foundations with the aim of connecting the suffering with helpful charity organizations. Under his guidance, Open Society Foundations networks different organizations that fight for human and civil rights. These organizations capitalize on people whose progresses have been barred by economic challenges. Consistently working to provide safety for immigrants, people with different culture and opinion on sensitive issues, Soros gained prominence as a philanthropist. He continued to fight for governance as well.


George Soros is not a stranger to intolerance. From sexual orientation to socio-economic position and ethnicity, he has always been determined to create a comfortable environment for the suffering. Working closely with the world’s best as well as committed philanthropists, Soros has been moving the world to a different space that embraces the difference in people. He is committed to giving the best by working with prominent leaders who run the government. For Soros, it is never about politics but the leaders that the people will choose, and as Soros stated yesterday.


Being the leader of Open Society Foundations, Soros fights for the truth. He has spent years seeking appropriate governance for the sake of a better nation. From supporting Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections to organizing meetings with the agenda of beating Trump, Soros is a selfless leader whose motives are defined by his passion for a better future. He uses a myriad of organizations to pursue the truth. Soros is convinced that leadership is defined by a persons’ character. With that said, he strives to be on the right side of humanity. To most of the troubled people in America and other parts of the world that Open Society Foundations covers, Soros is a blessing. He has redefined the nature of leadership and the commitment it comes with and George’s lacrosse camp.

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