Amazon is the internet’s leading retailer. This enterprise has been around for years and it outsells and outperforms any other retail outfit on the web. When most businesses try to establish an online presence, they must strongly consider Amazon’s dominance in the market. Amazon sells so many different types of products that they can afford to lower their prices beneath the competition. Amazon also has thousands of stores that use it services. This too increases this giant’s selling power.


The reality is that it is almost impossible for any online retailer to go head to head with Amazon. They simply will not win that battle. Still, some retailers have managed to find a niche market which allows them to compete. Fabletics has figured out how to defeat Amazon’s online presence and to turn a huge profit during the process.


First, Fabletics has a unique clothing line. This line has a sophisticated design and style. Yet, it is rugged and practical for working out. People who wear this clothing can exercise in it and even wear it out on a date. Fabletics gear is not designed for formal or semi-formal events; but some pieces can be worn in business setting, for informal public events and for a night out on the town.


Reverse show rooming is a retailing process that allows consumers to try on clothing within a store. After the clothing is tried on, an associate will then keep a record of the pieces that a customer selected. If the customer does not purchase the clothing right away, this information is stored until the next time they come in. When that same customer goes back to the store they will then be able to purchase the exact same type of clothing they tried on. This process works for Fabletics and helps them to keep customers coming back for more.


Fabletics encourages their customers to take a Life Style Quiz which helps customers to figure out which type of clothing is best suited for their personal circumstance. Kate Hudson is a famous Academy Award nominated actress and she is the face of Fabletics. Her presence helps to promote the Fabletics brand.


Finally, Fabletics has exclusivity and exclusive deals. Once customers make a purchase they can sign up to the Fabletics club and receives bonuses and gifts. Fabletics success in the market is also prompted by its brick and mortar stores. These stores are set up in select locations all over the United States. Once people come in to purchase products, their purchases processed online. This too helps Fabletics to generate its enormous profits as an online retailer. In short, Fabletics knows how to compete with Amazon and win.

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