Betsy DeVos seems like the type of woman who is content with saying the polite thing instead of what’s really on her mind. It may be the fact that she comes from a wealthy family and has attended private schools throughout her formative years. The perception that she is a polite woman are truly not far off, as generally speaking she is a very polite person. Despite her well mannered personality, DeVos still doesn’t shy away from her point of view. She gladly voices her dissent to current political events and to voice her own opinion whenever it is or isn’t called upon.


The president stated his reasoning behind selecting Betsy DeVos is due to her longtime work with the school choice system and education law reform. Her stances behind school choice systems of education are an example of her staying true to what she believes in and what she deems best for students to have more education options. She has been a supporter of school choice since her own children were attending school. DeVos was able to send her children to whichever schools she chose. She thought this would be an option more students should be able to have if a different type of school would be more fitting for their needs. School choice uses vouchers from public school funding to help certain students go to a charter, private, or Christian based school instead of a public school. So far she has begun to work on placing this system further across the nation, as well as other school reforms that the education department has been trying out to fix the broken parts in the school system.


DeVos has sometimes clashed heads with the president from her firmness with her political beliefs. During his presidential campaign, DeVos did not particularly care for him. She supported some of the other republican candidates. Ultimately she supported him once he was chosen as the Republican pick. This shows she can disagree with some of the policy that the president brings to the table, while also still being willing to support him. Betsy DeVos openly criticized the president’s decision on the transgender bathroom rights that were put in place during the last administration. She voiced that all students should feel safe while they attend school. She wrote a letting saying that the education department supports schools and states to come up with transgender bathroom rules if they decide upon it. She also criticized the last administration for making it a national ruling to permit transgender students and staff to use the bathroom they identify with. She stated that permitting schools and states the right to make their own laws on the issue would keep it more just and fair rather than an enforced decision by the federal government.


DeVos has also stirred up some controversy for calling for an open debate on safety for students in schools following the mass shooting at the Florida high school and many other mass shootings in schools. Her stance is that the issue is from mentally unwell people not receiving the right health care before they snap and go on a shooting rampage. Although various members of congress disagree or have a different idea on how to fix the issue, they still praised DeVos for asking for an open debate on the issue to keep students more safe in schools. She will continue to be a political and polite woman for the education department and the students and education staff of this country.


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