Drew Madden is not a household name. But the entrepreneur and healthcare IT expert has been quietly revolutionizing the ways in which the U.S. healthcare system delivers its products to consumers for the better part of two decades.

Madden first started working in the healthcare IT field straight out of college. After periods working at both Epic Systems and the Cerner Corporation, the duopolists of the U.S. healthcare IT market, he gained enough knowledge to become a certified expert on both platforms, gaining a level of understanding of how those complex software systems work that few in the country possess.

But it was at Nordic Consulting Partners that Madden gained an even deeper appreciation for the human element that is the linchpin of the U.S. healthcare system. He began to realize that it is rarely software systems themselves that make or break the level of care that is provided to a patient. After all, healthcare systems in primitive regions such as Cuba have long been known for their ability to provide top-quality care on a shoestring budget and in third-world levels of austerity. Madden began to see that the software geeks who touted their pet projects as the end-all solution for healthcare’s woes were missing the bigger picture; it was people who always have and always will make the final difference.

As a software geek himself, however, Madden also knew that delivering truly first-world healthcare does rely on the ability of doctors and supporting staff to harness the power of complex technologies. It was his final realization that these two powerful forces, human resources and technological resources, need to be combined into a fine-tuned machine, the parts of which will operate in perfect harmony.

The fact that so little of the U.S. healthcare system currently resembles a well-oiled machine and looks more like a barely running jalopy is one of the key motivations that drove Madden to branch off and form his own consultancy firm. Evergreen Healthcare Partners is devoted to creating a great patient experience through the marriage of technology and expertly trained staff, leading to synergies that allow the maximum output of both doctors and technology alike.

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