Dr. Saad Saad is a retired pediatric surgeon who has patented two innovative devices that aid in enhancing the surgical experience for surgeons and patients. His first invention is the Catheter with Tracking Mechanism. Dr. Saad took a look at the need for the catheter but saw that multiple x-rays were needed to locate it. Multiple x-rays can expose the patient to unsafe levels of radiation. The catheter created by Dr. Saad gives surgeons the ability to locate the catheter without the need for x-rays. Dr. Saad’s second invention is the Visual Suction with Irrigation Rigid Endoscope. The Endoscope was created when Dr. Saad noticed that the body produces fluids that make it difficult for surgeons to see the organ through the endoscope. It works by splashing water that loosens up the body’s fluids and then sucks it away so that the surgeon can see the organ more clearly.


Dr. Saad, being the innovator that he is was raised in poverty. Born in Palestine, and raised in Kuwait, he thought about becoming an engineer like two of his older brothers. However, after thinking it through, he decided to become a doctor. Going off of the intense heat experienced in Kuwait in the summer time, he decided that he wanted to work in a facility that is air-conditioned. Dr. Saad is one of 8 children. Learn more: https://medium.com/@dr1saadsaad


Dr. Saad attended Cairo University in Egypt. He achieved his medical degree there and was ranked second in his class. He credits his childhood for giving him that extra push into success. He felt that he had no choice but to succeed. In 1964, Dr. Saad took the ECFMG exam and upon passing it, was given the ability to train in the United States once he completed medical school. Dr. Saad completed his residency in pediatric surgery and became board certified in the United States.


Dr. Saad served at the Meridian Health Care System in New Jersey as the Surgeon-in-Chief. He also served as the Co-Medical Director there until he received the invitation of a lifetime in the 1980s. He was offered the opportunity to become the pediatric surgeon for the Saudi Royal Family. Dr. Saad qualified for the position because not only was he board certified, he fluently spoke English and Arabic. His tenure to the Royal family lasted for more than four years, and it proved to be an excellent adventure for Dr. Saad and his family. He got the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with other doctors, while his family got to meet new people. Dr. Saad is living proof that one can accomplish their intended goals. He remains very humble and believes that if he was able to create a successful career with his skills and efforts than anyone can.

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