In reference to the non-profit Rocketship Education charter school located in Redwood City, California, I have summarized a few articles and reviews about it. When this school was founded in 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith, they began using technology as a useful tool to help their students to learn. In review of this uniquely developed strategy, the students have been academically successful with their high scores in the subject of math. Rocketship specialized in math programming to assist their students with understanding arithmetic on the appropriate grade levels. These middle school students from third to fifth grade had a disadvantage of living in a low-income neighborhood. However, the advantage of being a student at Rocketship gave these young people a new hope for becoming great leaders in the future.

The math program is called Dreambox, which assists the teachers who are interested in providing adequate learning various learning techniques to teach their students. There is a recommended time frame for students who use Dreambox. Critics have asked a few questions regarding the student evaluation associated with this program. The first question asked was how has it effected classroom management? Secondly, what kind of technology would be used to rightfully determine whether it is helpful or not? And finally, what interventions are provided to consistently allow each student an equal opportunity to be well educated through the assistance of this program? Rocketship has branched out into several locations as they continue to grow in population. From the different reviews regarding Rocketship Education charter school, these observations have referred to the positive outlook on how things work. To have a remarkable organization based on the academic success of each student, Rocketship continues to invest in the future of these young people. The use of educational technology is a genius idea.

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