Dick and Betsy DeVos recently lifted the veil on what was a $139 million plan for their philanthropic efforts. Dick and Betsy spoke at the Evergreen Commons in Edgar D. Prince Lessons in Leadership Series, and there’s no question that this power couple garners a great deal of attention—and at the same time, they also garner a lot of criticism because they have been well known for their gigantic political donations to the GOP.



Their Political Donations are Pocket Change?


The most interesting aspect about Dick and Betsy DeVos is how their charitable contributions have added up to even more than their political donations. In fact, they have given almost $139 million over the course of their lives. Betsy DeVos, the US Secretary of Education under the Trump administration, has given hefty contributions to the Republican party. One of her biggest causes that has been heavily scrutinized has been her donations to support charter schools. Some people like them because it gives them more educational options while others believe that it takes away funding from public schools.



Charity Work


The charity work of Dick and Betsy DeVos has been astounding. In fact, in 2015 alone, the power couple gave away over $11.6 million in charitable donations. That’s double their campaign donations of $5.3 million over the last five years. Betsy DeVos had to report this information to the federal government as part of the vetting process for her to qualify for the cabinet post of Secretary of Education.



A Family Dynasty


This pair has been part of what has long been a family dynasty, and it has proven a kingpin player within the Republican circle for decades. In fact, Dick’s father, the co-founder of Amway, was Rich DeVos. He had four children, and in 2015 alone, they gave $104 million away in charity. This has landed the DeVos family on the list of Forbes as the 24th place for Top Giver in America. In addition, if you were to include the extended family’s giving over a lifetime, it reaches to over $1.33 billion. That’s one-quarter of the DeVos’s estimated fortune of $5.2 billion.



Why the DeVos Family Gives Away Their Money


This is one of the richest families in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For them, it’s not about what kind of clothing you wear or the type of car that you drive. In fact, it’s all about how much you have given back to society, and this is one of the reasons that the DeVos family has given over $1.2 billion in their lifetime.


The type of giving that the DeVos’s have done shows how important philanthropy has been to their charitable efforts. For example, they seem to have prioritized education and the educational causes. That account for around 26 percent of their donations. Aside from this, they gave away $357,000 or three percent away to help with supporting education reform. Dick DeVos has even spoken about how their spending reflects in the types of priorities they have on education.


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