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For many years now, Papa John has been fairing on well in the realms of food production. Under the leadership of Steve Ritchie, the company has grown to be one of the largest pizza-making company. Steve Ritchie sits at the helm of the company as the CEO where he has brought about remarkable changes. He joined the company in 1996 where he brought about the wealthy expertise that led him to gain such prestigious positions. Besides, Steve Ritchie has been in charge of other posts in the same company where he has brought about his all.

Over the past decades, he has worked for other companies where he has become more respected working in other companies. His experience was contributed by the fact that he had worked in supervisory and managerial positions in other sectors. From bottom to the top, Steve Ritchie became top employee in the company. In Papa John, he has dedicated to offering his best. While working in the company he has been able to balance his efforts in different food production companies.

Steve Ritchie had already established his own Pizza Inn in Louisville. While in his pizza shop, he learned to have the dedication to work as he has a passion for distributing the best pizzas. Additionally, Ritchie has embraced the efforts in maintaining a secure work environment through teamwork thus ensuring much productivity. Through his dedication, he has garnered several awards and accolades through different organizations and publications. One of them being 40 under 40 in his home town in Louisville.

Moreover, through Steve Ritchie, the company has aimed in coming up with better strategies that will increase its production. Papa John seeks to implement the technological advancements hence improving the consumer services. The company has been sett to boost their sales as they advertise their products through social sites such as Facebook where clients can order directly. Besides, they have extended their stores in different cities in the U.S thus providing a poll of jobs to many people. Steve Ritchie seeks to be one of the best in the industry by participating in different Board of Directors in several companies.

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