When Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart first met they were at the whims of their breaking point inside of their own individual spheres of creativity and ideas which sprung forward as they got to know each other better because two minds work better than one mind alone. As they sought each others council their music became sharper and their knowledge base about the music industry was honed to perfection.

All they had to do left was let the world know who they were as musicians and people who care more about the joy of creating the actual music to their own satisfaction rather than haphazardly throwing out chunks of random musical information while hoping for an applause. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart genuinely went for what they love to do and now they have generated over fifty million dollars in cash from the musical items which were created by the two musical genius’s.

Unlike the latter day musicians who prefer off seasons to their exhausting and backbreaking work with making music, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall see music as a totally different thing than work and that is play. Because they see their craft as play rather than work, they are able to efficiently and tirelessly hack away at their work with precision and an aptitude only the most skilled artists can wish for.

Their heart filled work has in consequence created songs in the far future so that they can be ahead of the musical creation game when it comes to competing with other musicians who want the same thing as them. It is just that the Chainsmokers have undoubtedly overworked themselves to the point that nothing can step up to the comparison they hold themselves to.

While the hard work aspect is not enough they also pour in all their humanity into the creation they are working on which adds to the human element that makes the chain smokers so unique and different from the others that they are now ranked the number one pop band in the world currently. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart knew that they had greatness within them.


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