If there were anyone who could be considered someone who helps the Israeli-American community, it would be Adam Milstein. He is a philanthropist who is doing more than people are able to do in a lifetime to help others.



Where does he come from and how has he achieved so much for so many? Here’s a bit about Adam Milstein that shows that some people are born to dream big and then use that same desire to achieve their dreams, to help others. Born in Israel, Adam Milstein arrived in the U.S. after having studied at Technion. He studied at USC and with his MBA, he was able to achieve a professional career in California.



As someone who realized that the job market was small for people like him and underpaid, he decided to venture out on his own and soon reached success by opening his own real estate investment company, Hager Pacific Properties. With his capital and his reputation as one of the founders of the Israeli-American council, Adam Milstein is making an impact in the lives of many Israeli-Americans in the U.S.



Helping people is one way that Adam Milstein wants to change and impact the lives of others and he also looks at it as a reason for satisfaction in his everyday life. He’s determined and has an initiative that has made him the successful broker and real estate investor that he is today. Adam Milstein is an example of how persistence can make all the difference in reaching one’s goals.



If one would want to take a page out of his “book,” they would want to take notice of how Adam Milstein is driven and isn’t afraid of getting dirty-so to speak. He’ll do whatever it is that needs to be done, regardless of his position and title.





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